Spring to Atlantique Invitational Regatta & Club Rendezvous
Saturday May 18, 2019
First Gun @ 1200


1.1 The Race shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.

1.2 Spinnakers shall not be used.


Registration shall be made by sending an e-mail to Duncan Burns at dbu632@gmail.com  Please include your yacht’s name, sail number, handicap, and expected number of crew. If you do not have an assigned handicap please contact Jim Reichel at sailorchce@aol.com. 


Race Committee shall be on station 0.05 nm northwest of #3 Light off Bayberry Point, and shall be flying a Blue Class Flag and an Orange Line Flag. Also flying will be the yellow and black checkered “LIMA” flag. This flag requires all yachts to come within hale upon arrival to the starting area.

Every attempt will be made to start the clock at 1200 hours sharp (GPS time), when the Blue Class Flag will be lowered. This will signify the beginning of the count-down for each boat’s start based on her handicap. The lowering if this flag will be accompanied by a long (3 second) blast of a horn. Please monitor channel 72 on your VHS radio. Finish shall be between the north- east corner of the Atlantique dock and #12 lighted buoy (illustrated above).

Boats are invited to the Spring Family Rendezvous at Atlantique hosted by South Bay Cruising Club.


The Class Flag shall be a Blue Flag. It shall be displayed once RC is on station and when taken down will indicate the commencement of the countdown for each yacht.


Yachts shall sail either of the two courses: West and East, illustrated as follows, the length of each being equal and measuring 6.1 nm.

West Course: Start, #11 (Port), #7 (Starboard), EW (Port), #8 (Starboard), #10 (Starboard) and Finish between #12 and a mark set halfway to the Atlantique Dock.

East Course: Start, #4 (Starboard), #19 (Starboard), #14 (Port), Finish between #12 and a mark set halfway to the Atlantique Dock.


There will be multiple (4-5) rapid horn blasts one minute prior to the “Base Starting Time” horn. One minute after the multiple rapid horns, a single long horn will be sounded precisely at the published start time as indicated in the SBCC yearbook and web site. This long single horn marks the “Base Starting Time”.

6.1 This is a pursuit race, and each yacht will have her own starting time based on handicap. Please monitor channel 72 on your VHS. However, in the event that there is a delay it is more feasible to set your countdown based on when the Blue Class flag is lowered

6.2 The starting line will be between an orange buoy set 0.05 nm north-west of #3 off Bayberry Point and a staff displaying an orange flag aboard the RC Boat. All yachts must start between the committee boat and, if present, an orange buoy, or buoy #3. Please be aware that the committee boat, depending on wind direction, may position itself on either side of the starting line.

7. THE FINISH: The finish line will be between #12 and a mark set halfway to the Atlantique Dock.8. PROTESTS AND REQUESTS FOR REDRESS: All hearings for redress and protests will be held immediately following the race.

9. SCORING: Scoring will be done by the pursuit method based on Time-on-Distance. A boat’s time allowance will be taken at her start so that boats’ finishing position will be their actual finish place.

10. SAFETY REGULATIONS: A boat electing to withdraw shall notify the Race Committee by VHF 72 or telephone the Race Committee at (631) 275-1312 as soon as possible.

11. RADIO COMMUNICATIONS: The Race Committee will monitor VHF Channel 72. It is recommended that all racing yachts do so.

13.1 Competitors participate entirely at their own risk. See Racing Rule 4, Decision to Race.

13.2 South Bay Cruising Club, their respective officers, employees, agents, committees, members of the Board of Governors, committee chairpersons, and members will not accept any liability for material damages or personal injury, or death sustained in conjunction with, or prior to, or during or after the Race.

14. FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information contact:

Race Information Duncan Burns dbu632@gmail.com, (845)269-7148

Handicap Information Jim Reichel Handicap Chairperson sailorchce@aol.com (516) 473-3095

Fire Island Ferries (631) 665-3600

Atlantique Dockmaster (631) 583-8610

Handicap Time OFFSET Chart

atlantique offset chart.png