babylon courses old.png

Babylon Racing RUles

1. When passing under the Robert Moses Causeway, the center span must be used.

2. When the designated course is to be sailed twice around, the “X” mark is a mark of the

course the second time around. It is to be rounded on the same side as the next mark of

the course unless otherwise specified.

3. For all Yacht Club Invitational races please see their Sailing Instructions for the event.

4. All marks are to be rounded or left on the side indicated.

5. The wind directions listed to the right of each course serve as an approximation of the

suitability of that course under current wind conditions. Every attempt will be made by the

Race Committee to select a course with a balanced upwind start.

Start and Finish established by the Race Committee. If finishing at the Babylon

Yacht Club dock, the RC shall display code flag “V.” If it is used as a mark of the

course, leave “9” to starboard the last time it is rounded when finishing at the Babylon

Yacht Club dock. Course distance may vary based on pin and “X” mark positions.