Babylon vs Bayshore invitational

Saturday July 14, 2018

Here is the course description for the Babylon / Bay Shore Invitational Race for Saturday, July 14, 2018.


Start within 75 feet on either side of buoy #6 which is east of the Robert Moses Bridge.

#1 starboard

#11WC port

#8WC port

#10WC starboard

#1 starboard

#10WC starboard

#1 port

Finish at #6 leaving it to port.


A few warning horns will we sounded at 12:59 pm

A start horn will be sounded at 1:00 pm to help you synchronize your watch. 

Please announce your boat name and sail number on VHF channel 72 when you cross the finish line as there may not be a committee boat stationed at the finish line. Try to remember and record who finished before and after you.


Your starting time is noted below:


Watercolor sail #337 Christy Edwards        12:50:56


Bonked Out sail #306 John Mendolia           1:01:44


Amblin sail #909 Mike Miligi                          1:03:28


Aleboat II sail #232 Eric Winberry                 1:06:32


Intrepid sail #185 Chris Goodwin                   1:08:24


Merry Ann sail #220 Cook / Burns                 1:10:00


Southern Accent sail #165 Jim Gathard        1:12:32


Lady in Red sail #11047 Ted Drossos            1:17:20


JT9D sail #1156 Paul Rendich                       1:18:08 


Thank you.

Race Committee

Ted Drossos

s/v Lady in Red 11047