Bay Shore Tuesday October 4, 2018 Race Results

Bay Shore Invitational Race Results

Fall #4

October 2, 2018
Course #10   4.76 nm  Wind SW 16-22

Race Committee: Full Circle

1.      Southern Accent - Gathard

2.      Full Circle - Manko

3.      Merry Ann - Cook / Burns
4.      Lady in Red - Drossos

5.      Jolly Mon - Ahern

6.      Fancy Nancy - Feldman

7.      Integrity - Bob Figueroa
8.      Blue Traveler - Marko
DNF  Pelagic - Gagliardi (finished on the wrong side of buoy 1)

WDR Tortoise - Wheeler
DNS  Czech Mate -  Dennerlein

Tonight's race was the last scheduled race of the Bay Shore Invitational Race season. We finally were able to have a race with somewhat normal weather conditions. No torrential downpours, lightning or squalls to deal with. ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations to Jim Gathard and crew sailing Southern Accent to their first, first place finish of the season. Southern Accent dominated the fleet and seemed to really come alive in the breezy conditions we had tonight. Jim, your recent bottom job was certainly worth the effort. Southern Accent was way ahead of the fleet after rounding the upwind mark at buoy 6 and we thought it would be impossible for anyone to catch them, which it was. Nicely done!

Being the first boat to start racing in a pursuit style race can sometimes become a liability as Dennis Ahern sailing Jolly Mon found out tonight. Starting first, you're the "rabbit" that the rest of the fleet is trying to catch. Within the first few minutes of the race, the "rabbit" was caught by everyone. As Dennis explained to me after the race:

โ€œWhile making calculations in the cabin we where hit by a big puff, the boat healed way over tumbling me and my paperwork. Upon recovery, I somehow recorded course 7 as course 10.  We got our start time correct but we were headed the wrong way. We did catch a few boats."

Unfortunately, Jolly Mon was heading east to buoy 4 while the rest of the fleet was heading west toward buoy 6. Although they were way behind the rest of the fleet when they realized that they were sailing the wrong course, they didn't give up. Ultimately they made up a huge amount of separation and worked their way to a fifth place finish. Great perseverance!

Thank you to Full Circle for doing race committee duty tonight. Glad you were able to race and do RC at the same time.

Although this was the last scheduled Tuesday night race, we are thinking about extending the season with some informal racing. Please drop us a note if you would like to race again next Tuesday.

To all the skippers and crew, thank you for participating this season. It's sincerely appreciated. You have all been such an internal part of the success of this venue and we truly appreciate your support and commitment throughout the season. Hopefully next season will be even better.

Ted Drossos s/v Lady in Red

Gary Sebouhian s/v Pandemonium