Bay Shore Tuesday June 12, 2018 Race Results

Course #10 (4.76 nm)

1. Jolly Mon - Dennis Ahern

2. Lady in Red - Ted Drossos

3. Integrity - Bob Figueroa

4. Full Circle - Harry Manko

5. Pandemonium - Gary Sebouhian

6. Southern Accent - Jim Gathard

7. Aleboat II - Eric Winberry

8. Pelagic - Frank Gagliardi

9. Indigo - David O'Donnell

10. Snoopy - Dave Deruvo

11. Wind Dancer - Harry Phister

12. Kailani - George Lanzarotta

DNF Redhead - Dan Kelley

RC Fancy Nancy - Lenny Feldman

Tonight's Bay Shore Invitational Race had more wind than we've seen in the previous three races. The SW wind of 15-20 knots made for some exhilarating racing and a vigorous workout for the crews. No need to go to the gym tomorrow!

Congratulations to Dennis Ahern and the crew aboard Jolly Mon who finished in first place for the second consecutive week. One might expect that a small boat like this Morgan 22 would be at a disadvantage in the conditions that we had tonight. The course was start @ G1, R6, G11, R10 finish at G1. With a handicap of 246, Jolly Mon was way ahead of the fleet at the upwind mark. They stayed ahead for the next three legs while the lower handicapped boats were closing the gap. Near the finish line I was wishing that the last leg was slightly longer so that Lady in Red could catch and pass Jolly Mon.  Darn, that little boat is sailed well.

Interesting to note that Jolly Mon, with a 246 PHRF rating (the highest rated boat racing tonight) was able to beat Lady in Red with a 114 PHRF rating (the lowest rated boat racing tonight). It appears that PHRF racing can work pretty well, even within a fleet with a large rating spread. 

Congratulations to Bob Figueroa and the crew aboard Integrity for their third place finish. They sailed a great race, and I believe that this was their best finish to date. Holding off Harry Manko and the crew of Full Circle was quite an accomplishment. 

Thank you to race committee Lenny Feldman aboard Fancy Nancy. It seems like Lenny can't catch a break this season. I think that he was "featured" in the last two race summaries. Engine problems again prevented him from staying on station and we had to improvise the recording of the race results--which leads me to this next subject.

Last night only half the fleet was running the RaceQs app. Thank you to those who did. If everyone was running it, we would have been able to sort out the standing much quicker. Please help us manage these races by running the RaceQs app every week. It's sincerely appreciated. Don't make us have to reduce your rating by 30 seconds per mile if you don't. 😀 

As usual, the after race get together was a fun event. This evening the menu was expanded to include clams on the half shell thanks to JV Phillips. A big thank you goes out to all who brought yummy food and drinks to share. 

Ted Drossos - s/v Lady in Red 11047

Gary Sebouhian - s/v Pandemonium 2224