Bay Shore Tuesday june 19, 2018 Race Results

1. Fresh Start - Jessica Rooney

2. Full Circle - Harry Manko

3. Merry Ann - Cook /  Burns

4. Lady in Red - Ted Drossos

5. Jolly Mon - Dennis Ahern

6. Pandemonium - Gary Sebouhian

7. Southern Accent - Jim Gathard

8. Aleboat - Eric Winberry

9. Fancy Nancy - Lenny Feldman

10. Redhead - Dan Kelley

11. Pelagic - Frank Gagliardi

12. Rhodes 22 -  JV Phillips

13. Noddy - Jim Papa

14. Indigo - David O'Donnell

15. 831 (Let's just call this unknown boat the "BSIR Wannabe")

DNF and DSQ for flying a spinnaker  Intrepid - Chris Goodwin 

RC Integrity - Bob Figueroa

  • I gave tonight's race a score of 10 (for the spectacular racing conditions)
  • Plus 16 (for the 16 boats that came out to race)
  • Minus 1,000,000 (for the boat that flew a spinnaker)
  • Minus 2000 (for the two skippers that played bumper boats)
  • Plus 25 (for the number of after race get-together guests)
  • Plus 25 (for the variety of great food that everybody shared)
  • Minus 10 (for forgetting to get the propane tank refilled for the barbecue)
  • Plus 100 (for Glen Lemaitre's "creative" solution to our propane shortage)
  • Plus 1 (for tonight's committee boat Bob Figueroa. We still don't know who sail number 831 is. We'll add another point when you figure it out) 
  • The total score for the evening is ... (who cares as long as we're having fun) 

Little boats rule! Congratulations to the Rooney/Becker team aboard the 19 foot Flying Scot named Fresh Start. Although it was their first time racing with the BSIR fleet, I can assure you that their first place finish wasn't beginners luck. They sailed a great race.

Close behind the first place boat, was a group of five boats (Full Circle, Merry Ann, Lady in Red and Jolly Mon and Pandemonium that were approaching the upwind finish line from different directions. The finish between the Cook/Burns team aboard Merry Ann and Lady in Red was as close as it could possibly get. Neither of us knew who beat who until we saw the race committee results.  Bill and I always have a great time competing, even when he beats me, which is most of the time. 

It was great to see Dan Kelley, JV Phillips and the Cook/Burns teams and their respective crews out racing with us for the first time this season. Welcome back.

A big thank you from the BSIR fleet goes out to Kerry Winberry for allowing husband Eric to play with us tonight. Eric somehow convinced Kerry to re-schedule her sonogram of expected crew member #3 so that Eric could race. What a great lady you married Eric. You owe Kerry big time but you'll have to come up with your own way of thanking her.

Ted Drossos - s/v Lady in Red 11047

Gary Sebouhian - s/v Pandemonium 2224