Bay Shore Tuesday August 21, 2018 Race Results

Course #12  Distance 4.82 nm  Wind SE 10-13

Race Committee: Peter Connelly

1.     Merry Ann - Cook / Burns

2.     Jolly Mon - Ahern

3.     Pandemonium - Sebouhian

4.     Full Circle - Manko

5.     Tortoise - Wheeler

6.     Lady in Red - Drossos

7.     Southern Accent - Gathard

8.     Integrity - Bob Figueroa

9.     Maggie Lee - Christiansen

10.   Fancy Nancy - Feldman

11.   Rhodes 22 - Phillips

12.   Redhead - Kelley

13.   Jubilee - Russo

14.   Bonked Out - Mendolia

15.   Snoopy - Deruvo

16.   Czech Mate - Dennerlein

17.   Sereia - Bopp

DNF Watercolor - Edwards 

We finally had some great racing conditions tonight. The southeast wind held steady throughout the race. It was so nice to be sailing in less humid conditions and no storms. It was great to see 18 boats out there racing and finishing.

We don't often take the time to thank our crew for their dedication throughout the season. We all know how valuable they are and without them, most of us would not be racing. I'd like to thank two of my crew members Nick Loretta and Steve Moran for jumping on other boats tonight to help out skippers who were short on crew. Sincerely appreciated!     

The course tonight was Start @1, 4P, 3P, 10S, Finish @1. Tonight, the fleet was racing against 8 boats that had their handicaps adjusted for the second time this season based on their standings from previous series results. Once again, the first four boats had their handicaps reduced by 16, 12, 8 & 4 seconds per mile respectively and the last four boat had their handicaps increased similarly. The resultant changes made for some very close racing. In one instance there were five boats approaching buoy 10 within a boat length of each other. Four of them were overlapped as they rounded the mark and heading for the finish. I'm happy to report that nobody was yelling for room at the mark. Thank you all for keeping a safe separation between boats and for being so considerate toward your fellow racers. Tortoise lead that group of boats around bouy 10 followed closely by Integrity, Southern Accent and Lady in Red as they headed toward the finish. Tortoise maintained her position while Southern Accent and Lady in Red battled it out until the very end with only a few feet separating them as they crossed the finish. Integrity managed to hold off a charging Maggie Lee. It was so great to see a new, young crew member aboard Bob Figueroa's boat, Integrity. Patrick, age 11, has been taking sailing lessons at the Babylon Yacht Club this summer. This was the first time Patrick has participated in a sailboat race. Listening to his enthusiastic commentary about his first racing experience and being at the helm of a big boat,  I'd say he's hooked on the sport. Nicely done Bob.

Unfortunately it was not a happy ending for Watercolor. Watercolor did not finish properly and was scored a DNF. On the bright side, Watercolor has been slowly improving her standings over the past two seasons. Tonight, Watercolor should have finished in 14th place if it weren't for her error at the finish. Just imagine how much better you could have finished if you remembered to raise your outboard motor. We're so impressed with your determination and spirit! Keep it up.

Thank you Peter Connelly for doing Race Committee duty and getting the results to us so quickly. Thanks to all of the skippers or crew members for running the Raceqs app tonight. It really helps us manage the races and sort out any conflicts. There were a couple of problems that we will work out with the individual skippers. Please continue using the app. It's greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you all next week.

Ted Drossos

s/v Lady in Red

Gary Sebouhian

s/v Pandemonium