bay shore tuesday august 28, 2018 race results

Course #13 5.82 nm  Wind SW 12-19

Late Summer #3

Race Committee: Rebecka Russo

1.   Sugar Magnolia - Grover

2.   Full Circle - Manko

3.   Jolly Mon - Ahern

4.   Merry Ann - Cook / Burns

5.   Lady in Red - Drossos

6.   Pandemonium - Sebouhian

7.  Tortoise - Wheeler

8.   Cayenne - Pizer

9.   Aleboat II - Winberry

10. Bleu Moon - McCarthy

11. Fancy Nancy - Feldman

12. Wind Dancer - Phister

13. Czech Mate - Dennerlein

14. Snoopy - Deruvo

15. Rhodes 22 - Phillips

16. Sereia - Bopp

DNF Noddy - Papa

DNF Southern Accent - Gathard

OCS Integrity - Bob Figueroa

It was a hot and humid Tuesday evening inland; but, once we were out on the bay, it cooled off to a comfortable level. The course (lucky 13 again) was Start @ 1, 6p,11s, 10p, 3p, Finish @1p. Prior to the race, winds of 9-12 knots were predicted.  As the wind speed was gusting to 22 knots at the start, many of the 19 boats reefed their sails for the first upwind leg to Buoy 6. Shaking their reefs out on the broad reach leg to Buoy 11 made the second leg a fast one. The short close reach to Buoy 10 broke up the typical long downwind run and changed the rest of the downwind angle to Buoy 3 enough to make it necessary to go wing on wing.  The winds  moderated as the fleet rounded Buoy 3 and started their final upwind leg to the finish line.

The most dramatic observation from the boats that were racing tonight was the phenomenal lead that Integrity had while rounding the first upwind mark. It's easy to loose track of boats while going upwind, especially when they are on opposite tacks with great separation. A big wind shift (lift) could have easily given Integrity a huge lead (hundreds of yards) if the rest of the fleet missed it and were on the headed tack. It appeared that was the case tonight. Integrity maintained their lead as they approached the finish line with Full Circle, Jolly Mon, and Merry Ann closing the gap rapidly as they all had to make a few tacks to finish on the correct side of the finish buoy. At the post-race gathering, we learned about the near-perfect start that Integrity had. They started only a few seconds after their offset time and were at maximum boat speed as they hit the starting line. The navigator timed their approach perfectly. After they finished the race in first place, they realized they had a problem. Their timepiece was running 12 minutes early. Unfortunately, the 12-minute head start put a damper on their celebration and explains the perceived phenomenal boat speed that Integrity had tonight. Hope it was fun anyway.

By using the Raceqs app, I was able to determine that Integrity could have finished in 8th place if she started at the correct time.

If your name was Jim, this was not your night. Jim Papa, sailing Noddy, a classic Sailmaster 22, was concerned about the building wind and chop shortly after the start of the race. Noddy has a wood mast and boom; and, although they are well maintained, Jim thought it would be wise to drop out of the race and not risk losing the rig if conditions continued to deteriorate. Jim Gathard, sailing Southern Accent, a Tartan 37, decided he was going too fast and put on the emergency brake by running aground in the shallow water southwest of Buoy 11. We hope you didn't do any damage to your centerboard.

It was great to see a couple of new boats out there racing with us for the first time this season. Jay Pizer sailing Cayenne and Todd and Pam McCarthy sailing Bleu Moon. Congratulations to Justin Grover sailing Sugar Magnolia to a first-place finish tonight. Justin hasn't raced in many of the Tuesday races but does very well when he does. We're sorry to hear that this is your last race for the season. Oh, was that a rumor or wishful thinking by everyone you just beat. Just kidding, of course. Nice sailing!

As usual the post race get together was more fun than the racing. The menu continues to expand and there have even been party favors to take home such as plump fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob. Please come join us after any of the Tuesday night races. The "party" goes on until 10:00 - 10:30 pm.

We hope to see even more of you next week.

Ted Drossos

s/v Lady in Red

Gary Sebouhian 

s/v Pandemonium