Bay Shore Tuesday September 11, 2018 Race Results…Cancelled

Participation Trophy's are awarded to the following boats - Fall Series Race#1

Aleboat11 - Winberry

Full Circle - Manko

Jolly Mon - Ahern

Maggie Lee - Christiansen

Merry Ann - Cook/Burns

Pandemonium - Sebouhian

Sugar Magnolia - Grover

Tortoise - Wheeler

Watercolor - Edwards

Pelagic - Gagliardi (Committee Boat)

Another beautiful night on the bay in Bay Shore. Nine boats showed up to race. The sky was clear, the water was flat and the "wind" was coming from..........who knows where the wind was coming from.......... there wasn't any wind. We all bobbed around in the vicinity of buoy #1 for a time and then decided to delay the start in the hope that the wind, any wind, might make an appearance. The forecast was for the wind to lighten, if that was even possible. When we noticed that Merry Ann was moving backwards under mainsail, that kinda told us that this was not going to be our night. We reluctantly cancelled the race.

Thank you to the nine boats that "braved the elements" to be out there competing and to the committee boat. We look forward to the 2nd race of the Fall Series next Tuesday September 18th.  

Gary Sebouhian - s/v Pandemonium 2224

Ted Drossos - s/v Lady in Red 11047