Bay Shore Tuesday September 18, 2018 Race Results

Bay Shore Invitational Fall Series Results Race #2

September 18, 2018

Course #5  4.26 nm  Winds N/NE 10 - 20

Race Committee: Snoopy (Dave Deruvo)

1st place, time 6:52, sail 175, Jolly Mon, Ahern

2nd place, time 6:53, sail 51841, Full Circle, Manko

3rd place, time 6:54, sail 220, Merry Ann, Cook

4th place, time 6:56, sail 232, Aleboat II, Winberry

Sugar Magnolia - Did not start

An interesting evening. The radar indicated that the rain would leave the area at around 6:00 PM and that it would be clearing with lite winds. We decided to have the race and 5 boats showed up. Merry Ann was short of crew so I left Pandemonium in her slip and Lenny, Matt and I joined Bill and Glenn on Merry Ann. 

Regarding the forecast of clearing and lite winds, well, that didn't happen. Just the opposite. The winds picked up to 20 and the rain became a deluge. On Merry Ann it was decided to change headsails to a smaller sail just before the start. That decision proved not to be an advantage when the winds lightened later in the race. However, the rains never stopped. Everbody was soaking wet through and through.

As for the race, Jolly Mon was never caught, although the gap was tightened. Full Circle caught Merry Ann about midway up the final leg. Aleboat11 was not so far behind Merry Ann at the finish. 

Kudos to everyone that showed up especially Aleboat11 for coming from Lindenhurst in that slop. Thank you also to Snoopy (Dave Deruvo) for doing a great job as Committee Boat.

We have had several weeks now with not so ideal racing weather. Let's hope for a great final 2 weeks of racing to finish out the schedule. Depending on the weather, we might consider adding a few additional Tuesday night unofficial races in October. We will keep you informed.

See you next Tuesday.

Gary Sebouhian - s/v Pandemonium 2224

Ted Drossos - s/v Lady in Red 11047