Bay Shore Tuesday September 4, 2018 Race Results

Late Summer 4

Course #1   2.91 nm  Wind SSW 4-7

Race Committee: The Kelley Family

1.     Merry Ann - Cook / Burns

2.     Full Circle - Manko

3.     Sugar Magnolia - Grover

4.     Jolly Mon - Ahern

5.     Tortoise - Wheeler

6.     Pandemonium - Sebouhian

7.     Maggie Lee - Christiansen

8.     Aleboat II - Winberry

9.     Czech Mate - Dennerlein

10.   Integrity - Bob Figueroa

11.   Rhodes 22 - Phillips

12.   Fancy Nancy - Feldman

13.   Blue Traveler - Marko

14.   Watercolor - Edwards

DNF Noddy - Papa

Light winds from the south-southwest challenged the fleet tonight as they worked hard to keep their boat moving as fast as they could in the 4-7 knots of wind speed. As unexciting as tonight's conditions seemed to be, there was still some close racing between a couple of groups of boats.

There was only a 41 second difference in finish times between the third, fourth, and fifth (Sugar Magnolia, Jolly Mon, and Tortoise) place boats. Coincidentally, there was also a 41 second difference in finish times between the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth (Rhodes 22, Fancy Nancy, and Blue Traveler) place boats. It was a very close finish between Fancy Nancy and Blue Traveler as only three seconds and a few feet separated them in the light-wind conditions at the finish. It's not often that we can say that a race with winds less than five knots is exciting. Tonight was one of them.

You may have noticed that there was a new boat racing with us for the first time last night. Welcome Matt Marko sailing his C&C 29-2, Blue Traveler. Matt has been crewing on a few other boats this season to get a feel for what the Tuesday venue is all about. Tonight was the first time that Matt raced his own boat. We hope you had a great time.

It's not always fun out there racing as Jim Papa found out tonight. After racing for over a hour and a half, unfortunately, Jim crossed the finish line incorrectly. Jim would have finished in fourteenth place if it weren't for that slight error. The course descriptions indicate which side to leave the finish buoy on but in case you forget, here is a simple way to remember. Always leave the finish buoy on the same side of your boat as you did while rounding the last mark of the course.

Many skippers reported seeing a large obstruction in the water on the course side of the starting line prior to the start. From their detailed descriptions it probably was a 40-foot long, dark blue turtle or similar sea creature. I'll affectionally call it Bill the Turtle. Unfortunately, Bill the Turtle was getting in the way of the boats that were starting. If anyone sees Bill the Turtle or any other sea creature wandering around the starting area when they shouldn't be, please politely remind them the keep clear. 😀

We'd like to thank the Kelley family for doing race committee duty last night. Your reporting of results was perfect and greatly appreciated. As a reminder, next week will be the beginning of the last series of the season. The starting time will be changed to 6:00 pm. The race committee will be Dennis Conner aboard Leprechaun.

Hope to see you all again next Tuesday.

Ted Drossos

s/v Lady in Red

Gary Sebouhian

s/v Pandemonium