2018 BSIR  Extended Season

Race #4 Results

October 30, 2018  Course #1  2.91 nm  Wind NW  4-6 knots

1.      Full Circle (Manko)

2.      Merry Ann (Burns / Cook)

3.      Maggie Lee (Christiansen)

4.      Aleboat (Winberry)
5.      Rhodes 22 (Phillips)
6.      Heritage (Woodrick)
7.      Fancy Nancy (Feldman)
8.      Czech Mate (Dennerlein)

9.      Integrity (Figueroa)
DNF Caribbean Soul (Stang)

With 4-6 knots of wind, it's difficult to imagine an exciting race summary. Exciting it wasn't, unless you were aboard the Rhodes 22. They had their best finish of the year and the smiles on the faces of the crew were priceless. Nice way to end the season. (put a name on that boat already) It was great to see Maggie Lee, Heritage and Caribbean Soul racing with us again tonight. We hope you will be "regulars" next season. Nice finish Maggie Lee! Nobody likes getting beat by a boat that starts over a minute late. You're not invited back next year. Just kidding of course. Thank you Heritage for providing the music that filled the bay. With the light winds tonight, it would have been a much longer evening without it. I think Caribbean Soul got so into the music that they forgot to finish.

It's hard to imagine that ten boats showed up for the fourth and final extended season race of the 2018 season. Who would have thought!  Unfortunately, racing in Bay Shore is over until next year. It's difficult to put into words our gratitude to all the racers and crews; cooks and bakers; friends and family that have made the Tuesday night racing in Bay Shore so very special. 

While reminiscing with Bill Cook this afternoon about what racing on the Great South Bay was like 40 or 50 years ago, it was hard for me to imagine a time when there were dozens of boats consistently on the starting line. This season there were 38 boats that competed in at least one of the 20 scheduled Tuesday night races. While we did not have the number of boats that were racing during the peak years, it is a clear indication that participation in racing is strong and gaining interest once again. In the process we have made new friends, strengthened bonds with old ones and shared special moments with anyone who would listen. We have learned from the more experienced skippers and from our mistakes, especially the ones that have taken us out of our comfort zone. All of you have helped grow enthusiasm for the Bay Shore venue in your own special ways and we sincerely thank you for that.

This off season will be a busy one as we plan for next year. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming meetings and at the "Boat Yard Party" this weekend.      

Ted Drossos s/v Lady in Red

Gary Sebouhian s/v Pandemonium