bay shore invitational racing final results 2017

1. Full Circle (Harry Manko)

2. Lady in Red (Ted Drossos)

3. Merry Ann (Bill Cook)

4. Aleboat (Eric Winberry)

5. Jolly Mon (Dennis Ahern)

6. Integrity (Bob Figueroa)

7. Pandemonium (Gary Sebouhian)

8. Fancy Nancy (Lenny Feldman)

9. Pelagic (Frank Gagliardi)

10. Indigo (David O'donnell)

11. Czech Mate (James Dennerlein)

12. Noddy (Jim Papa)

13. Jubilee (Rebecka Russo)

14. Southern Accent (Jim Gathard)

15. Papilon (Nick Loretta)

16. Grace (Peter Connolly)

17. Redhead (Dan Kelley)

18. Bonked Out (John Mendolia)

19. Watercolor (Christy Edwards)

20. Lady Adele (David Deruvo)

21. Rhodes 22 (JV Phillips)

22. Cayenne (Jay Pizer)

23. Leprechaun (Dennis Conner)

24. Sabbatical (Andy Drossos)

25. Ripple (Mike Jeshiva)

26. Seveia (John Bopp)

27. Wind Dancer (Harry Pfister)

28. Sequester (Anthony Desimone

29. Why Not (Unknown)

Above are the overall race results for the 2017 Bay Shore Invitational Racing season. They reflect the combined scoring for all of the scheduled races held on Tuesday nights in Bay Shore. The Bay Shore Invitational Season Championship was scored using the Low Point Scoring system. Boats are assigned points according to their place at the finish line, (1 point for first, 2 points for second, etc.). Boats that did not finish the race, did not start, retired, or were disqualified, receive a score equal to the total number of boats in the race +1 point. As you can see, it is to your benefit to participate in as many races as you can. The boat with the lowest total score wins.


Congratulations to Harry Manko and the crew of Full Circle for your first place finish. They sailed consistently fast throughout the season and participated in every race. A winning combination for sure. Well done and well deserved!

There were a total of 29 boats that participated this year. WOW! Thank you all for coming out to race. From the feedback we've been getting, it looks like next season may be even better. If you or anyone you know wants to race next year, please contact Gary or me so we can get you set up with the proper information.