Bay Shore Spring Invitational #3 Race Results

June 5, 2018

Course #4

1. Jolly Mon - Dennis Ahern

2. Full Circle - Harry Manko

3. Pandemonium - Gary Sebouhian

4. Aleboat II - Eric Winberry

5. Southern Accent - Jim Gathard

6. Snoopy - Dave Deruvo

7. Fancy Nancy - Lenny Feldman

8. Integrity - Bob Figueroa

9. Sequestar - Anthony Desimone

10. Pelagic - Frank Gagliardi

11. Indigo - David O'Donnell

12. Sereia - John Bopp

Tonight's Bay Shore Invitational Race had much better wind than the 4-6 knots that was expected. After a heavy downpour earlier in the afternoon, the weather conditions improved dramatically which helped make for a near perfect evening for most of the fleet. There always has to be one exception.

Tonight's "One Exception" was Lenny Feldman sailing Fancy Nancy. It seems like Lenny can't catch a break this season. Last week it was engine issues and this week it was something new. It was something most of rarely practice for. It's similar to a man overboard drill, but not life threatening. Lenny and his new crew member Russ had the rare experience of retrieving a spinnaker pole that went overboard as they approached the first mark of the course. Without hesitation, they located the pole and brought it back on board without loosing too much time. When asked what they learned from this experience their response was "Did you know that spinnaker poles float." Who knew? Glad your man overboard training came in handy tonight and it wasn't the real thing.

Tonight, the first place honor and well deserved bragging rights go to Dennis Ahern's Jolly Mon, a Morgan 22 who held off Harry Manko's Full Circle, a Tartan 3500. The little boat ruled tonight! To the crew aboard Jolly Mon, nice sailing guys. We ALL know what your transom looks like.

There were some new people crewing on various boats tonight. Welcome Russ who was crewing with Lenny Feldman aboard Fancy Nancy,  Matt who was crewing with Gary Sebouhian aboard Pandemonium and Jessica who was crewing with Bob Figueroa aboard Integrity.  Russ owns a Hunter 30 and Matt just purchased a C&C 29-2. They are both new to racing and tonight was a perfect night to be introduced to this great sport. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and  continue to participate whether racing your own boat or crewing for someone else. A big THANK YOU goes out to the skippers who hosted our new friends.

Jessica Rooney recently registered a new boat that may be racing with us in the near future. We are all looking forward to seeing a J70 out on the course this summer. Lady in Red should be launched and ready to race next week. I was fortunate to be aboard Anthony Desimone's boat Sequester. Thanks for allowing me to crew with you tonight. We have to figure out a way to get your centerboard to come down. 

Thank you to Nick Lorreta, our committee boat for tonight's race. After the race, Nick brought the race result over to Cook's Marina for the after race get together. Before I had a chance to look at the results, the paper they were recorded on blew away and landed in the canal. Well, you never saw so many old skippers move so fast as they tried to retrieve it before it sank or floated away. Fortunately Nick snagged it and saved the evening and prevented him from taking an involuntary swim. It was a hilarious show as the rest of us laughed, drank beer and ate ribs while watching it.    

Ted Drossos - s/v Lady in Red 11047

Gary Sebouhian - s/v Pandemonium 2224