Bay Shore Regatta August 1, 2017

1. Lady in Red (Ted Drossos)

2. Full Circle (Harry Manko)

3. Merry Ann (Bill Cook)

4. Integrity (Bob Figueroa)

5. Aleboat (Eric Winberry)

6. Redhead (Dan Kelley)

7. Jubilee (Rebecka Russo)

8. Fancy Nancy (Lenny Feldman)

9. Leprechaun (Dennis Conner)

10. Pelagic (Frank Gagliardi)

11. Jolly Mon (Dennis Ahern)

12. Noddy (Jim Papa)

13. Czech Mate (James Dennerlein)

14. Watercolor (Christy Edwards)

15. Indigo (David O'donnell)

16. Bonked Out (John Mendolia)

17. Papilon (Nick Loretta)

18. Seveia (John Bopp)

19. Rhodes 22 (JV Phillips)

20 Sequester (Anthony Desimone)

It was one of those evenings that will be etched in my memory for a very long time. Seeing 20 boats racing toward the first mark of the course was such a heartwarming sight. Lady in Red had one of the best vantage points as she started last and watched the 19 boats ahead of her work their way toward buoy #4. What an awesome sight!

The lead boats (Watercolor and Noddy) rounding the first mark must have had big smiles on their faces as they enjoyed a sizable lead approaching the second mark. Most of the fleet thought the lead boats couldn't be caught. It's times like these that make pursuit style races so much fun as you try to chase down the lead boats before they finish. Some were successful and some not so much. It certainly keeps the racing interesting. Thanks to all of you for making this evening even more successful than we had ever imagined.

We'd like to welcome a few first time Bay Shore Invitational Race participants. Dennis Connor sailing Leprechaun, John Bopp sailing Seveia and Rebecka Russo sailing Jubilee. Hope you all enjoyed racing with us. It was great seeing some new boats out there tonight.

There is always a fun story to share after the race. This one is about Dennis Connor sailing Leprechaun with his grandson and his friend. It was so nice to see how Dennis bridged the generation gap by racing with his two young crew members. Apparently the crew was not only motivated by their skipper but with the prospect of beating one particular boat. The boat they set their sights on was Bonked Out. I was wondering why they were so determined to beat them. After the race they shared their motivation. Apparently, Bonked Out is raced by their teachers the Mendolias and crewed by some of their former teachers. As you can see from the race results above, the crew aboard Bonked Out will probably not be giving you boys any "EXTRA CREDIT" for tonight's performance. Watch out, the season isn't over yet. I suspect that the teachers just got their motivation for next week. We'll be watching this matchup closely.

I can't imagine a night better than last night but we have always set high expectations for this venue. Dare we shoot for 25 boats on the starting line before the season is over? It can happen. Gary, hurry up and fix your leaking keel so you can get Pandemonium back in the water. She's not suppose to be a water ballast boat. See you all next Tuesday night.

(Course #12, Distance 4.82 nm)