Bay Shore regatta august 15, 2017

1. Merry Ann (Bill Cook)

2. Full Circle (Harry Manko)

3. Lady in Red (Ted Drossos)

4. Aleboat (Eric Winberry)

5. Fancy Nancy (Lenny Feldman)

6. Integrity (Bob Figueroa)

7. Jolly Mon (Dennis Ahern)

8. Pelagic (Frank Gagliardi)

9. Sabbatical (Andy Drossos)

10. Bonked Out (John Mendolia)

11. Watercolor (Christy Edwards)

12. Indigo (David O'donnell)

DNS Papilon (Nick Lorreta)

If you were more than 100 yards form the bay tonight you would have thought tonight's race was going to be another windless one. Although the winds were light, they held through the entire race. Even the threat of rain disappeared before the start. It turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful evening.

Welcome Andy Drossos sailing his Pearson 365 ketch, Sabbatical. This was Andy's first race and was a much anticipated one amongst the skippers and crews who knew he was planning on racing tonight. There has been a considerable amount of banter over the anticipated showdown between the two twin masted boats in the fleet. Frank Gagliardi was sailing his Allied Sea Breeze yawl, Pelagic. This was the closest finish between any two boat this entire season with less than a whisker pole length separating them as they crossed the finish line. It was so close that I didn't want to be the one responsible for calling the finish order because it was my little brother who was part of this epic battle. In the end, the well deserved bragging rights went to Frank (Pelagic) with a come from behind surge during the last half of the last leg of the course. It was so much fun watching you two battle it out tonight.

During the after race get togethers at Long Island Yacht Sales (which you are all invited to attend after each race) we learn something new about each other every week. It's always nice to put a face to the boats that are racing.Tonight we somehow got a little off topic and were discussing the ages of the skippers who were racing. The youngest skipper in the group was in his mid 50's. Mary Ann Cook (Merry Ann) made a comment that had most of us counting on our fingers and toes when she said "I could be your mother." As funny as that comment was, it was somewhat reassuring to hear that we all have the opportunity to do what we love for a very long time. There aren't many sports where you can still be competitive no matter how "seasoned" you are. Sailboat racing is definitely one of them. I think that we can all agree that "mom and dad" sure know how to sail their C&C 30 as they dominated the fleet tonight. Bill and Mary Ann, congratulations on your first place finish, encouragement and inspiration.

(Course #1, Distance 2.91 nm, Wind: 5-7kts )