bay shore regatta september 5, 2017

1. Merry Ann (Bill Cook)

2. Full Circle (Harry Manko)

3. David O'donnell (Indigo)

4. Lady in Red (Ted Drossos)

5. Pandemonium (Gary Sebouhian)

6. Aleboat (Eric Winberry)

7. Integrity (Bob Figueroa)

8. Pelagic (Frank Gagliardi)

9. Jolly Mon (Dennis Ahern)

DNS. Sabbatical (Andy Drossos)

Tonight there was wind punctuated with spray! The SSW wind at 24-29 knots allowed competitors to see how clean each other's bottoms were. As some of the fleet were making their way through Great Cove to the start area, we could even see their keels as their bows pointed skyward coming off the tops of the waves.

It was good to see that David O'Donnell got Indigo repaired and out there racing again. Indigo seemed to really like tonight's conditions. At times we could see moonlight under her windward hull. (Indigo is a catamaran)  She was fast, but not fast enough to catch Bill Cook who once again lead the fleet to the finish.

I have to give a lot of credit to Dennis Ahern and crew sailing his Morgan 22, Jolly Mon. (the smallest boat in the fleet) At times they would disappear when in the trough of a wave then pop back up ready to surf down the face of another wave. From our vantage point it looked like a lot of fun. We'll have to ask Dennis if it really was, the next time we see him. 

It was a very exciting evening of racing with no injuries or broken boats reported. 

(Course #10, Distance 4.76 nm, Wind: 24-29kts)