Eric forsyth interview on the wind podcast January 20, 2015

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Although this interview is from 2015, it is a great interview by one of our SBCC members who has sailed the world a few times. Click the link below to listen.

description from the podcast website:

“Eric Forsyth, legendary ocean voyager with over 300,000 sea miles and whose visited both Antarctica & Spitsbergen on his Westsail 42, joins the podcast! Andy and Eric chat about his days in the 1950s flying the first fighter jets with the Royal Air Force, how Eric got into sailing, navigating on Celestial only in the Newport-Bermuda Race in the 1970s and what it's like to endure a 75-knot gale in the Southern Ocean.

Eric is a very humble man with extraordinary achievements beneath his keel, and bumps along the road in his life. "I have no regrets," he says about it all. Thanks to Eric for this inspiring conversation! Read all about Eric and his travels on”