Bay Shore Regatta July 11, 2017

1. Full Circle (Harry Manko)

2. Merry Ann (Bill Cook)

3. Lady in Red (Ted Drossos)

4. Grace (Peter Connelly)

5. Aleboat II (Eric Winberry)

6. Czech Mate (Chris Dennerlein)

7. Fancy Nancy (Lenny Feldman

8. Papilon (Nick Loretta)

9. Pelagic (Frank Gagliardi)

10. Ripple (Mike Jeshiva)

11. Bonked Out (John Mendolia)

12. Watercolor (Christy Edwards)

We got lucky last night. Radar images showed thunderstorms to our north and south but fortunately the bay stayed storm free. Most of the fleet managed to stay dry but I'm sure the crew on Aleboat II had some weather to deal with on their trip from Lindenhurst. Gotta give these guys some extra credit for making the long trip each week.  

It was great to see some new boats out racing for the first time this season. Welcome Bill Cook sailing Merry Ann. We weren't sure if Bill Cook was going to be able to round the buoys in the correct direction. You see, Merry Ann was recently retrofitted from tiller to wheel steering so we all though her mark rounding would be in the opposite direction. It didn't take the crew aboard Merry Ann to prove to us that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks as they placed second, and rounded the marks correctly. Great to see you out there last night.

Coincidentally, a couple of the racers experienced rigging problems right before the race began tonight. Lenny Feldman knew he had a bad lower shroud on Fancy Nancy that had to be replaced before sailing his boat again. Garry Sebouhian just happened to have a replacement shroud for Lenny and they were able to make the repair just in time for the start of the race. A short time after Lenny's shroud was repaired, Lenny noticed a few broken wires on the lower shroud of Gary's boat. Thanks to Lenny's keen observation, Gary was able to avoid a potential catastrophic rig failure. Gary had to leave Pandemonium in her slip tonight until repairs can be made then jumped aboard Chris Dennerlein's Czech Mate who was short on crew. This is just one of many examples of how sailors help fellow sailors in times of need. It's always so nice to see such cooperation amongst competitors. 

Thanks again to all who were out there racing last night. We know a few of you decided not to race because of the threatening weather. You did the right thing. If you're not comfortable with the conditions, stay at the dock. There will always be another day to play. Stay safe.