West Island Invitational notice of race Saturday Aug 18th 2018


Bay Shore Start off Brightwaters Canal approx 1/4 to 1/3 mile out slightly to the east, adjusted by the RC for best possible start

First Gun 12:00 Noon.

Separate starts as indicated in yearbook.  Spin and NoSpin classes will use current SBCC Handicaps

Class start for Spin

Class start for NoSpin to follow

Class start for Multihulls after NoSpin

Do not follow West Island course in yearbook as it is not correct.  Follow course

Counter Clockwise Course                                             Clock Wise Course

Start Bay Shore Area                                                       Start Bay Shore Area

"10" West Channel - Port                                                "10" West Channel - Port

"EW" Crazy Charlie - Port                                               "4" North Channel - Starboard

"8" East Channel - Starboard                                           "9" North Channel - Starboard 

"19" East Channel - Port                                                 "19" East Channel  - Starboard

"9"North Channel - Port                                                  "8" East Channel Port

"4" North Channel - Port                                                "EW" Crazy Charlie - Starboard

"10" West Channel - Starboard                                        "10" West Channel - Starboard

Finish                                                                               Finish