Race qs APp for Bay Shore Tuesday Night Invitational Races

Download the APp Here: http://raceqs.com/started/

Using the RaceQs App (Revised 5-17-2018)

At the May 2, 2017 meeting of the Bay Shore Invitational Races we proposed using a smartphone app that would record starting and finishing times of your boat. The app also has the ability to help racers analyze the races afterward. It was overwhelmingly agreed upon that using the app by the racing participants would be the primary means of managing the race results. Thank you all for helping us manage these races without having to have a race committee boat on station each night. This will make scoring the races easier and more accurate.

The name of the app is RaceQs. Please download this app to your smartphone (Apple or Android) and input your name and boat information to register. Once the app is on your phone, set it up as follows:

  1. "LIVE STREAMING" should be set to "OFF." If it isn't, press the word "ON" to toggle it to the "OFF" position.

  2. Enter your boat information where it says "BOAT"

    1. Boat Name

    2. Sail Number

    3. Boat Length (add boat length and then press the "Foot" button)

    4. Press "SAVE"

  3. You must use the "PRESET START" function on the app so it will launch automatically at the proper day and time. Before the race, set the “PRESET START” time to 10 minutes before the published starting time for the race. For instance, the published start time for the first few series of races is 7:00 PM so set the “PRESET START” time for 6:50 PM. Then use the slider button to activate the "SCHEDULED LAUNCH" function. Remember to press "SAVE" in order to save your settings.

  4. We suggest the following "AUTO SHUTOFF" settings.

    1. Set the "BATTERY IS LESS THAN" to "OFF"

    2. Set the "SPEED EXCEEDS" to "20 kn"

    3. Set the "RECORDING TIME" TO "3h"

  5. The "ROLL, PITCH, YAW" setting is optional. If you want to record that data for analyzing your race later on, set it to "AUTO" then follow the instructions on the app for the "CALIBRATION" process. (It's very easy to do.)

    1. Press the "RESET" button

    2. Mount your phone to a stationary location on your boat.

    3. Press the "CALIBRATE" button and wait about 30 seconds for the progress bar to stop moving. Now you can press the          "< BACK" button to return to the HOME screen.

  6. After the race is over you can manually stop the app from tracking your boat by pressing the stop recording button which is a flashing red circle in the upper right hand corner of the app. After the app has finished recording your race, press the “SAVE & UPLOAD” rectangular button. Congratulations, you have successfully recorded the track of your boat. If you don’t have cellular service, your track will upload automatically when you are within a Wi-Fi area.

We strongly recommend using the RaceQs app for every race. We also suggest that ALL participants make a note of their finish time because sometimes "Stuff" happens and we want to make sure that you get scored correctly.

If for any reason you are having difficulty downloading the app or don’t understand how to use it, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help get you up and running.

Your continued support and cooperation is sincerely appreciated. It will go a long way toward making this season even more successful than last.

Ted Drossos: replusted@aol.com and Gary Sebouhian: gsebouhian@nyc.rr.com